Rooted Serenity: Angelica Root for Emotional Balance

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Karen Williams

From Chaos to Calm with Angelica Root

Once, my holiday seasons were a dizzying rush of festivities and elaborate decorations, a whirlwind of sparkle and cheer. But now, I embrace a more tranquil pace, still delighting in the beauty of each ornament, but with a renewed focus on what truly matters. This gentle shift has allowed me to cherish the essence of the season: precious moments with family and friends, enveloped in love and laughter, celebrating together in our beautifully adorned space.

Angelica Root essential oil enriches my home with a calm yet joyful essence. Its gentle aroma creates a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere, perfectly setting the stage for a New Year filled with happiness and tranquility.

In this post, we'll explore how to effectively balance stress, including emotional burnout and anxiety, by turning to oils such as Angelica Root. Embracing this approach is a positive step towards enhancing your wellbeing, especially considering how effectively it can mitigate the impacts of stress on your health.

We'll delve into the intriguing blend of science and the energetic qualities of these essential oils. Their synergistic effects work subtly to rejuvenate your spirit, fostering an atmosphere of peace, positivity, and readiness for new beginnings.

Angelica Root is your companion on the path to that harmony. (See a profile of the oil here!)

The Components of Peace

While we won't delve deeply into the scientific details, it's worth noting that stress has tangible effects on the body. For instance, a 2017 study highlighted that stress can influence brain function, among other things. It can also challenge your immune system and contribute to various physical symptoms, ranging from cardiovascular issues to digestive discomfort and hormone imbalances.

The close connection between your inner and outer wellbeing is profound. That's why just a few drops of essential oil from a small bottle can have an impressive impact, serving as a natural and potent ally in enhancing your overall wellness.

So I want to share several components in Angelica Root oil which have been studied for their stress-relieving effects. (I wrote a blog post about how the oil helps calm pain, which you can see here. Or get a recipe to use it for cough relief!)

Angelica Root contains α-pinene, known for its calming effects observed in lab studies with mice.

The oil also has d-limonene, a compound recognized for boosting mood, easing anxiety, and lowering stress hormones without causing drowsiness. It's even used to help with low energy and depression.

Though Angelica Root has a smaller amount of d-limonene, its benefits are enhanced by α-phellandrene, another component with potential antidepressant effects.

But there's more to essential oils than just their chemical makeup. Next, let's explore the energetic properties of Angelica Root.

Rooted in Harmony

Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica) thrives in France's fertile soil, its roots deeply embedded for nourishment.

The essential oil, distilled from these roots, embodies this grounding energy. It's particularly beneficial for those feeling emotionally drained, maybe after a hectic year or completing a major work project.

Angelica Root helps us reconnect with what's important, fostering a sense of peace and positivity. It provides a solid foundation, empowering us to actively and positively engage with life.

Clear Your Mind, Activate Your Heart

Angelica Root offers nurturing warmth, aiding in gaining perspective from a place of stability. If you're feeling disheartened, unmotivated, or lost, this root can dissolve stagnant energy, awakening inner vitality. It reminds you of life's peace and potential, igniting a spark for positive change.

In times of anxiety, Angelica Root is a soothing companion, easing negative emotions and reducing stress. This not only improves your mental state but also benefits your heart, digestion, and immune system.

Moreover, Angelica Root is effective in managing emotional states such as overwhelm, especially during major life transitions, and feelings of disheartenment. It's also beneficial in alleviating anxiety and uncertainty, as well as reviving enthusiasm when you're feeling a lack of drive.

Acknowledging the deep connection between emotional and physical health is vital. Addressing emotional imbalances with Angelica Root can enhance your physical well-being, as it helps in transitioning from imbalance to equilibrium, agitation to calmness, and frailty to resilience. It boosts energy, motivates change, balances mood, and grounds you in stability and focus, establishing a profound foundation for overall wellbeing.

Angelica Root Safety

Angelica Root is a phototoxic essential oil. That means that if you apply it to your skin (at a certain dilution), and then that skin is exposed to sunlight, you can experience reactions like burning, blistering, or discoloration. Read more about phototoxicity here.

So if you’re using Angelica Root for topical application, stay within a 0.8% dilution. That’s about 4 drops per 1 oz (30 ml) of carrier. I know, it’s a very small amount of essential oil. Fortunately, you don’t need many drops of Angelica Root to experience its benefits.

When you’re using it in a topical blend, make sure your other essential oils are not phototoxic. Blending two phototoxic essential oils together can compound the phototoxicity of your blend. And Angelica Root is so strongly phototoxic, that just a few drops can take your blend from safe into the danger zone.

Of course, if you’re using it in a diffuser or inhaler, you can use more drops.

Make a Recipe for New Beginnings!

In this recipe, I've blended Angelica Root with the invigorating Yuzu oil, a citrus celebrated in Japan for the New Year and known for its associations with health and new beginnings. To add a dynamic touch, I've also incorporated a few drops of the energetic Ginger oil, giving the blend a sense of boldness and vitality!

Keep in mind, it's important to be precise with the Angelica Root oil – if more than one drop is added, it's best to begin anew. (Refer to the safety notes above for details.)

New Start Roll-On Blend

  • 10 ml Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis)

  • 3 drops Yuzu oil (Citrus junos)

  • 2 drops Ginger oil (Zingiber officinale)

  • 1 drop Angelica Root oil (Angelica archangelica)


To create this blend, use a 10 ml glass roll-on bottle. Add the ingredients directly into the bottle, then securely fit the roller ball top in place. Once assembled, gently turn the bottle to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

My Takeaway

In my own journey, I've come to see how intertwined our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves truly are. Every part of us is connected, each one affecting the other. For me, Angelica Root has been a gentle guide through these layers, helping to bring everything into a peaceful balance. But it's more than its lovely scent that makes a difference. I view essential oils like friends walking beside me on the path to better health and deeper understanding. They're not just aromas; they're part of a supportive partnership that encourages growth and healing in my life. Each time I breathe in these scents, I'm reminded of the quiet strength they bring. It's a journey of finding tranquility and wellness, one drop at a time.


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